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The Economics of Happiness: making an inner transition

This Video is from a talk given at the Economics of Happiness event organised by Initiatives of Change and Local Futures.
The session was based around the ideas of Helena Norberg-Hodge that designing an economy on a human scale can bring wealth, happiness and prosperity in an ecological way. She talked of the steps local, national and international, to getting there.

Initiatives of Change invited Stephen to share his experiences with early stages of Transition initiatives. An extended version of his slide pack is available below the video.

The slideshare pack


Summary: Trust and Integrity in the Global Economy


Zero-emission behavior. TIGE enquiry

Going sustainable by focusing on zero emission behavior.

Recently, together with Kabir Aurora, I led an inquiry group as part of TIGE: Trust and Integrity in the Global Economy conference, Caux Switzerland. The sessions focused on how to go from the present situation to a society with sustainable production and consumption. Read More…

Introducing inner transition

Last week I took up the challenge to talk about inner transition in the garden of an eco-village project in Värmland County, Sweden. A lot of sun, beautiful place,  no flip-chart or power points. Here is a short account of what I talked about. Read More…

Impressions from Lands, Lives and Security conference Caux, 2016-07-03


It is a true honour to take part in the Caux dialogues. On this the final day, as the sun sets over lake Geneva I will just share some general impressions.

This year’s conference focused on the challenge of migration. Most migrants come from dry land areas where climate change is creating tension as food productivity falls. These tensions over land reduce the ability to manage resources worsening degradation and resulting in more conflict. The conference brought together policymakers, scientists, activists and farmers to chart ways to unpack the complexity in the challenge. Read More…

Can social media help drive local community development toward sustainability?

These are the notes from the SACRED VALLEY DIALOGUE held on Mallorca 23-26 November, 2014 in the open space group that discussed social media (SM) and how it might be possible to use SM to drive local development. Read More…