Why I am starting consulting again

After leaving Ericsson in 2001 I started exploring alternatives to the Industrial Society. During recent years, volunteering for the Water and Food Award, and helping start an Eco -Village were profound experiences. Among others things I had the opportunity to step back and look at what is happening.

Many businesses in going about their business are actually undermining the conditions needed for people to live well. Albeit inadvertently.

No-one means it to be this way, I am sure, but the planet is becoming crowded, our financial systems are leading to uneven wealth distribution and our energy systems are depleting non-renewable energy and climate systems. Several boundaries have already been breached and more are on their way to being exceeded. We are entering into times when we are living outside the safe zone.

It is time for corporations to show strategic leadership. If customers cannot live well then they cannot prosper, and without prosperity there is no market. But corporations need to live up their financial obligations too.

At the heart of any corporate strategy you should find giving value to people and giving value to the environment. If each cooperation does that we have a chance to turn a nearly crowed planet into a place where we can all live in peace,

It is my mission to assist corporations and other organisations in creating strategies to that make the place a good one to live in. How do I work? Well, it all starts with a dialogue about where we are now and what we see happening. From awareness comes strategy and from strategy comes action and from action comes change.

But it all starts with one single step. You are welcome to contact us to discuss briefings,  executive dialogues, speaking or other services. Or why not subscribe to our  Signals of Change Newsletter,

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